ESB has been recognised by all the different government bodies such as Paulo, LLUK, and LSIS, when they existed. ESB is recognised by universities and other Awarding Bodies for its quality assurance of CD programmes and qualifications and is listed on the KISS HEI system. ESB is involved in the regular updating of the HEI benchmark statements for youth and community, sits on the ETS of the NYA and is involved with them in the dual validation of youth and community programmes.

The credibility of ESB comes from our long history as a specialist quality assuring body and involvement in all the above bodies. In addition, the membership reflecting people from all aspects of community development - as practitioners, lecturers, programme managers, employers and trainers - which ensures currency, relevancy and a demonstrable expertise that people value and recognise.

In practical terms the ESB provides Quality Assurance for all kinds of Community Development Learning. Courses are endorsed for colleges, universities, training centres and Recognition centres. The ESB validates community development degrees and youth and community degree, and non-degree programmes in this field and has also certificated Recognition schemes and training the trainers programmes.

The ESB has developed and refined a peer review process using readers and reporters to consider the information provided by learning providers and map to our criteria, which are derived from the Community Development National Occupational Standards. The process aims to be a developmental one which promotes the sharing of good practice across the field.

To find out more about why getting endorsed adds quality and value to your course see our endorsement pages.