*NOS 2015*

For course applying for endorsement from January 2016 onwards we will require adherance to the 2015 National Ocupational Standards. If you have developed your course usign the 2009 NOS then get in touch with us and we can advise you on how to proceed.

Download the ESB endorsement documents here. Please contact us if you have any questions about our documentation.

Help and Support

ESB provides some support and guidance to programmes wishing to submit for endorsement, primarily around the requirements for endorsement and advice on completion of the submission documents.
We are unable to offer a free service to programme organisers and training providers to develop community development work programmes and awards. We can suggest other endorsed programmes for you to talk to. If you require more detailed support to develop programmes based on the occupational standards then we have a list of approved consultants who are able to provide this service. You can contact any of them directly and make your own arrangements or you can ask us to suggest someone appropriate. Any consultant who provides such a service will not be involved in the endorsement of that programme.

Benefits of endorsement

For your participants

For your organisation

For employers
Employers of Community Development Workers can see first hand that participants on your learning programmes have completed a period of study combining theory and practice and are competent to take on community development roles.