A draft consultation paper for IACD members – December 2017


This discussion paper has been prepared for IACD members. It aims to provide guidance as to common international standards for community development practice. The paper presents the key themes and areas common across community development practice wherever that practice might take place. It identifies the purpose of professional community development practice, the values that should underpin practice and the key methods used by the practitioner.

In January 2017, IACD wrote to all members of the association to inform them that following the adoption of IACD’s new definition of community development at the 2016 AGM, the IACD Training Committee was initiating work to produce Guidance for members around community development practice. IACD has been working with the CLD Standards Council Scotland to take this project forward over the past six months. CLDS was IACD’s partner in organising our 2014 international community development conference in Glasgow and is the specialist agency in Scotland working in this area, with a track record in the production of CD Standards going back three decades.

The paper explains the background to this project and why IACD feels it would be helpful to the various stakeholders involved in community development – practitioners, trainers, employers, funders, policy advisers and most of all the communities they serve – to be able to present a common international understanding as to what is meant by community development practice. In other words, what it’s all about. At this point in the member consultation, IACD is keen to get your views on this draft Guidance. In light of feedback the intention is to then publish Guidance on a set of Common International Standards for Community Development Practice required by stakeholders working in this field.

John Stansfield
Chair IACD Training, Publications and Professional Development Committee.