A community development approach to empowering communities affected by gang violence

ESB know that gang violence is something both participants and staff on our endorsed courses are facing in their work. In this blog from Local Trust Big Local reps offer four key ways community development approaches can help empower communities affected by these issues. We are living in times where turbulence is the new norm and parts of our communities feel increasingly pressured by everyday life. There is a growing lack of trust between communities and agencies, exacerbating feelings of insecurity and isolation. In addition, there has been a withdrawal of local services, and a growing gap between ‘decision makers’ and those whom decisions are impacted on. Read the blog article here

For aperspective of how one community in London is becoming empowered by tackling issues around children and young people at risk of knife crime and gang violence here is a blog about East Finchley from one of their Big Local reps: Empowering communities: a Big Local perspective