As we begin to analyse the results of our standards review we will put some summaries of the comments so far. If you would like to contribute to our standards review you can find out more information here or go to the surveys: Phase 1 Questionnare, Phase 2 Questionnare, Phase 3 Questionnare.

The key purpose
There was general agreement that it worked as a summary, with suggestions for amending the wording a little to

  • Emphasis putting on place collaborative and cooperative structures and initiatives – such a social enterprises that are sustainable, offering real wealth creation, organisations firmly connected with people and neighbourhoods
  • Include on-line/social media
  • Can appear outdates and patronising so avid the word develop and use an alternative that focuses the emphasis on releasing existing skills and capacity
  • Replace ‘identify own needs and actions’ with ‘become aware of needs, aspirations and actions’.. a nod to Frierian and appreciative approaches
  • It outlines a bottom up approach and reflects the asset based approach which could be strengthened

The values
Generally seen to be still relevant with some suggestions about changing the language

  • Each value would benefit from reassessment and being relaunched so they are more clearly connected to current realities
  • Look at the language and make it more accessible; stress on community empowerment and unity
  • Add in about sustainability, climate change, climate/ environmental justice, mitigating global warming, and economic justice
  • Make anti discrimination stronger as we are often working against oppression or worse
  • Add cooperative to collective action, or in the sub text