As we begin to analyse the results of our standards review we will put some summaries of the comments so far. If you would like to contribute to our standards review you can find out more information here or go to the surveys: Phase 1 Questionnare, Phase 2 Questionnare, Phase 3 Questionnare.

Phase 1 Key Purpose and Values Summary

The key purpose
There was general agreement that it worked as a summary, with suggestions for amending the wording a little to

The values
Generally seen to be still relevant with some suggestions about changing the language

Phase 2 Summary how community development practice links to the UN sustainability goals

The responses have been listed in the order of the number of people who said they were important to their work, along with some of the examples people gave.

1st. Goal 10 is reduced inequalities

2nd. Goal 3 is good health and well-being

3rd. Goal 2 is zero hunger

Joint 4th. are:

Goal 1 is no poverty

Goal 5 is gender equality

Goal 11 is sustainable cities and communities

Joint 5th. are:

Goal 4 is quality education

Goal 16 is peace, justice and strong institutions

6th.  Goal 13 is climate action

Joint 7th. are:

Goal 6 is clean water and sanitation

Goal 7 is affordable and clean energy